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Anbar- Fallojah

Baghdad - Jamiaa

ِAl Hub Wa Al Salam Iraqi Globally  organization is a local Iraqi non-governmental organization established in accordance with the Law of NGOs under Reg.number 1B75256 In 2012.

Through its work, the organization has contributed to supporting thousands of families during various periods and humanitarian disasters.

The main office of the organization is located in Fallujah, Al Anbar Governorate, and due to the terrorist activities that took place in the province, the organization was forced to move its office temporarily to a safer area in Baghdad. The alternative office in the Al-Jamaa district in Baghdad Governorate to move forward in implementing its organizational role and humanitarian goals on the ground.


IILP were funded by:

* IILP internal donations from its members.

* Unconditional donations from local communities.

* Partnership with other INGOs and LNGOs.


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