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​How to help
Through our cooperation ... we can reach the unlimited border... Through your cooperation and participation through voluntary contributions, and donations ... we can help the largest number of poor and needy people in Iraq, especially in areas affected by war.
Through educated young people we can build civilization again.
Through love and peace we can be one hand in the face of disasters in order to renounce sectarianism, discrimination and racism.

Help the most vulnerable people

يرجى الاتصال على الرقم الساخن  07823807960  
ملاحظة : سيتم الاجابة على اتصالاتكم بكل سرية وامان 
من الساعة 9 صباحاَ حتى الساعة 4 مساءاَ عدا الجمعة والسبت

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